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Cathedral going green to boost biodiversity

Mr Green, 36, has worked at the Cathedral since 2020 and noticed how lockdown increased awareness of the environment and the Climate crisis and the need to adapt and be more eco-friendly.

He began the tour by walking to open space known as Mirabel between The Deanery and Pilgrims’ School. It is grassland, and the gardeners are changing how they manage it, turning it into a species-rich land instead of “thick tusky grass”, and one day it may become a wildflower meadow.

Passers-by in recent week

Free charity bookshop re-opens in Colebrook Street

Operated at a former hair salon by the Global Educational Trust (GET), it vacated its former premises last year.

Gentian Developments which owns the building on Colebrook has offered the premises to the charity.

Now GET is back up and running and wants everyone to know where they are.

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The shop currently opens on Thursdays from 10 to 2pm and Fridays from 10 to 12noon and wants to increase the hours on Fridays and

Eco-friendly fashion display in Winchester heralded a success

Part of Winchester Green Week and Sustainable Fashion Week, it has stood in The Brooks Shopping Centre since Monday, September 25.

Members from the Smart Living Team and Hampshire County Council were there throughout the week to answer questions from the public.

The jumpsuit in the display made by Making Space has been a crowd favourite, with its details inspiring people on how to repair and make more use of the current clothes they own. It can be as simple as trying on different garments toge

'You can tell the difference': cathedral organ undergoes voicing procedure

It is all done by ear, requiring very quiet conditions. A person known as the Voicer assesses each pipe and tests each one repeatedly to ensure that the speech and volume levels are correct.

Compared to regularly tuning the pipes, which alters the pitch, voicing is about guiding the musical output of each pipe. Adjustments are made to each one to ensure that each note is not louder or softer than its neighbours.

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Forest Bathing: Natures cure to mental health and low blood pressure - Ankha Azzura Magazine

When I first heard of Forest bathing, I thought it was swimming in a lake in a forest or a type of sauna out in the middle of the wilderness. To my surprise, it was the complete opposite!

Forest bathing originated in Japan in the 1980s, known as ‘shinrin-yoku’, which means forest bathing or taking in the forest atmosphere. It began as a form of eco-therapy, and according to the Founder of Emerald and Tiger, Jasmin Harsono, it has gained global recognition for its numerous physical and mental he